VIDEO: Mom Takes Closer Look At Son During Birthday Party Then Learns His Friends Have Been Making Him Sick

Liam appeared to be a normal 7th grader. The boy loved playing on his phone, hanging out with friends, and doing his thing on the soccer field.

Suddenly, his mom Deidre noticed that he was not eating and that he was not showing any interest in being on his phone. He also became a recluse and did want to ride his bike or hang out with his friends as his mom told Good Morning America. What was most alarming was that Liam stopped eating as much.

Deidre finally got Liam to admit that he was being bul-l!ed after she confronted him about not wanting to go to school. Through the tears, Liam was able to talk to his mother about how the kids told him that he suc-ked at soccer, called him names, and physically pushed and k!ck-ed him.

Liam’s mother, Deirdre Fell-O’Brien, wrote about her son’s experience in a blog for Northwell.

“A group of boys had decided that my son “suc-ked” and didn’t believe he should have made the soccer team. There were pus-hes and k!c-ks. They used hor-r!ble language and called him raw words. They told him he was nothing. That he should kill himself. They were merci-less in their crue-lty. I asked how often they did this to him. He looked me in the eyes and said, “Every day, Mom.”

One of the symptoms of Liam’s depression was his lack of appeti-te. Deidre said he barely touched his food at his 13th birthday dinner. It got so bad that the poor boy had to be hospitalized so that he could get the nutrients that he needed through a feeding tube.

Despite the drastic measures, the parents of the bul-l!es refused to acknowledge that there was an issue as Deidre said in her blog. Even the school would not hold anyone accountable for the severe bu-lly!ng.

Deidre was feeling helpless but she decided that she could bring awareness to the issue by posting about the bu-lly!ng on social media. She was shoc-ked when she noticed the outpouring of support for her sweet boy.

After 10 weeks of recovering at an inpatient facility, Liam was finally able to return home. The therapy gave Liam the confidence that he needed to return to school and his soccer team.

The dangers of bu-lly!ng need to be made more apparent to others. By spreading this story, you can help to raise awareness about this serious issue. These sweet pictures of Liam perfectly demon-strate the serious consequences of bu-lly!ng. Be sure to spread these photos so that everyone else can understand what a serious issue that bu-lly!ng has become.

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