VIDEO: Is This A Man Walking Through The Clouds? Or An Illusion

In life, there are many strange things that happen. Wei-rd mowings in cornfields, unconscious people seeing a light at the end of a tunnel, or surprising events that save people´s lives.

This keeps people discussing whether they are mere coincidences, if there are scientific explanations or if, in fact, there are spiritual reasons.

For centuries there have been debates in regards to whether there is a God or not. Sightings of supposed religious figures add more to the fuel. It is always fascinating to theorize the reasoning behind these occurrences. A few years ago, Nick O’Donoghue took a flight from Austria to London. He was going on a business trip and was surrounded by his co-workers.

They were chit-chatting about topics that didn’t interest him, so he turned his attention towards outside. As he was looking out the window he noticed something odd.

A human-like figure seemed to be above the clouds. It seemed to be a headless figure standing on top of the clouds.

At first, he thought he was seeing things and he was tired. Then he realized maybe he wasn’t seeing figments of his imagination after all. Wanting to confirm it, Nick asked the lady next to him if she saw what he did. As she and his coworkers confirmed it and were in awe as well, he made a quick decision.

Passengers Aboard A Flight Over Europe Saw This Mysterious Man Walking In The Clouds.Nick O'Donoghue was a passenger…

Posted by David McClure on Saturday, January 28, 2017

Wanting to have evidence to back up their statements, Nick O’Donoghue snapped a picture of the image before the plane passed by.

He was baffled throughout the entire flight. Once he got home, he posted the picture on Reddit. Almost instantly, the post went viral. He wanted to know what caused this odd formation and hoped for answers from other users. He got suggestions for biblical figures such as God or Jesus.

Others said the occurrence happened due to smok-estacks below the clouds. However, Nick doesn’t quite believe the smok-estack theory because of how close they were. No one ever figured out what caused the figure to appear.

Another instance involved another human-like figure to appear in the sky during a storm. Except for this time a walking figure seemed to stroll amongst the stormy clouds. In Alabama, Solo Dolo was recording a live stream of the storm on Facebook Live. While he was filming he saw something peculiar.

A man-shaped figure was seen walking through the clouds.

According to Solo Dolo, there was no power during the storm, therefore, there couldn’t be any effects. The video received over 35 million views. Many people, including Solo Dolo, claimed it was God or Jesus showing his power during the storm. Others say there is nothing to the video besides scientific reasoning. No one knows for sure what the cause was.

Check out this video to see for yourself:

Man Spotted Walking In The Clouds

'I was filming the storm and spotted this guy crossing the clouds…' 😮😮😮

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