Struggling Single Mom Gets A Message From A Complete Stranger, And Things Escalate Quickly

Parenting is a difficult task. Having a child depend on you completely for food, clothes, education, and everything else that comes with life is rough, to say the least. But having all of that responsibility, and more, as a single parent? Rough doesn’t even begin to describe it. Many single moms are singled out for the incredible effort they put into raising their children. But that doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from a little help.

Recently, Billie from Florida was approached by a complete stranger online, offering to buy school supplies for her son. The Good Samaritan, however, had a few conditions.

One struggling single mother recently received an extremely generous offer from a complete stranger on Facebook that quickly escalated into even more.

A Surprising Message From A Stranger,  Billie was a single mom who not only worked 4 jobs but was also a full-time student. Her 7-year-old son was just about to start second grade. “We honestly wouldn’t make it without family, friends, and the kindness of strangers,” she shared.

Billie would sometimes post in a mom group on Facebook asking for advice, and it was there that someone found her and decided to reach out.

The message read, “Hello! You don’t know me, but I was reading past posts looking for a single mom that could probably use a chance to catch a break. For some reason, your posts popped out to me.”

The message went on, “I’m not a single mom, but I know its hard af. I have too many friends who are. So if you need/want the help, I’m looking to buy the school supplies for 2 single moms who need it.

If you send me screenshots of your kid(s) lists, I will have all of it drop-shipped to any address you choose.”

The stranger’s generosity came with three conditions. First, that their identity remains anonymous. Second, if this single mother didn’t want the help that she says so as soon as possible so that this person could select someone else. And third, that Billie pays it forward, and show kindness to someone else someday.

Billie was both astonished, and a little suspicious. She says that she was cautious at first and stalked her online to make sure everything seemed safe.

Although a little reluctant to admit she needed help, Billie accepted the offer. When the packages arrived, Billie found all of her son’s school supplies that were on the list, some extra supplies, and a new pair of shoes.

“I owe this woman so much,” she said, “I hope this story helps other people want to do more kind things, just to do them.”

Why The Generosity? During Billie’s Facebook conversation with the stranger, she learned why this person had chosen to make such a generous gesture.

She read, “20 yrs ago, a man read my name in the newspaper. He called the university I had applied to and told them all of the money he donated was required to go to my education expenses for the next 4 yrs. It was $75k. He refu*ed to meet me, didn’t own a telephone and would only communicate via handwritten letters.”

They continued, “I have no idea why I was given such a gift, but it changed my life. I would have had no education without it I was so poor. I graduated with a bachelors of science and no debt. I live a good life. This is my way of paying it forward.”

Pay It Forward! Hearing these stories of kindness toward complete strangers rekindles hope in the future of the human race.

Want to spread happiness? Find someone who needs your help, and offer it.

It doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming. Even something as simple as a smile or a helping hand can really go a long way.

And you never know, your kind act might just change a life.

Content Credit: healthy-holistic-living

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