Restaurant Boss Gives Homeless Man Job – 24 Hours Later She Walks In And Is Stopped In Her Tracks – VIDEO

Though it’s an issue many people want to fix, homelessness remains a big problem in the U.S. More so, when you consider that, according to the US Department of Veterans Affairs, 23% of the homeless population are veterans who have risked their very lives serving. George Silvey is just one of the thousands of Vietnam veterans who came home from the agr-ue only to struggle to get by thereafter. George placed himself on a street corner, holding a giant cardboard sign that he hoped would attract people sympathetic to his ca-use. He wasn’t interested in hand-outs, mind; he wasn’t asking for free money.

What he wanted was a means of susta-ining himself; a job that could get him back on his feet … George kept a stac-k of resumes with him, procl-aiming himself happy to hand them out to anyone who was looking for a hardworking employee.

As he told CBS News: “I know that once I get my foot in the door, I can make a lot of money real fast.” Then, one day, George got the rest he needed. A woman happened to be driving past George and noticed his sign so he decided to stri-ke up a conversation. She ended up so impressed by George’s motivation and ambition that she shared his story on social media, with an appeal to help him find work. “We’ll get you a job,” she told George. “I’ll make sure of it.”

Fortunately, just a few short hours later, George got a surprise phone call. Help was on its way. According to CBS Local, Sacramento, George even turned up early to work for his very first shift, getting there before his manager. His new boss, Summer Gonzalez, was so stunned by his attitude that it practically stopped her in her tra-cks. “He put his shirt right on and he got right to work. He’s a great guy,” said Gonzalez.

It makes me smile so much to see his raw enthu-siasm simply to earn a living. If everyone approached life with the same ste-adfast happiness as George, surely it would be a far happier place.

Content Credit: newsner