Mum Draws Eyebrows On Newborn Baby To ‘Teach Her Not To Fall Asleep At Parties’

Almost anyone reading this has probably fallen asleep in front of their mates, only to wake and find they had been covered in marker pen phalluses, swear words or perhaps a novelty moustache. What are friends for, eh?

Well, one mum decided to teach her newborn baby early doors the importance of staying awake when she’s out.

After spotting that her little girl had nodded off, Danielle McSherry-Schee, from Fife, Scotland, whipped out her make-up powder and got to work giving Isabella – who is just six weeks old – a pair of eyebrows. A strong look.

The 27-year-old stay-at-home mum posted the photos of her daughter on Facebook, joking that she was trying to teach her “not to fall asleep at parties”, but really admits she just wondered what she would look like.

Danielle said: “Isabella has really fair hair and basically no eyebrows – I have always wondered what she would look like with them. “And one day a wave of inspiration came over me and I had to draw them on. I used my powder and just lightly drew on symmetrical eyebrows, a bit like mine.

“I couldn’t stop laughing which woke Isabella up so I took a quick photo and wiped them off. My friends and I haven’t stopped laughing. It is a photo I will keep forever and I might even put it on her 18th birthday cake.”

But while not everyone felt it was as funny she did, Danielle said she has no regr-ets whatsoever and would do it again. She added: “Everyone found the photo as funny as I did, however, some people commented saying it is “child abu*e” which made me feel like I had done something wrong.

“But I didn’t put my baby in dang*r and the other mums in the Facebook group defe*ded me. I would probably do it again because it is that funny.” Thankfully for Isabella, it was just make-up her mum used, so it was easily wiped away.

But the same could not be said for Lily Schooley who drew ‘chickenpox’ on her legs to try and conv!nce her mum that she was ill so she could have a day off school.

What Lily didn’t realize, however, was that she had used a permanent marker. When she ran downstairs complaining of a rash 10 minutes later, mum-of-two Charlotte Schooley, 34, and husband David turned the lights on to check. They were soon struggling to hold back the laughs.

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