Mom Covers Walls, Nurses And Baby In Huge ‘Poo Explosion’ During Labor

Issy Fox, 28, gave birth to son Freddie last year and was not prepared for what happened in the delivery room – admitting she covered doctors and nurses with her feces. Issy and partner Luke conceived via fertility treatment and she had an easy pregnancy, with no complications. But she didn’t have a birth plan, having decided childbirth would be “pretty awful” anyway.

Issy was already 10 days overdue when she went into labor – with her waters breaking at 1 am – and the poo started pretty much immediately after arriving at the hospital. She told Huffington Post: “The midwife asked me to go and provide a wee sample – and this is when the poo started. “I couldn’t help but push a poo out into the tray because of all the pressure.

The midwives just laughed it off and waited for me to just provide some pee.” By 7 am, Issy’s contractions were much closer together – and this is when her bowel movements ramped up a notch. She added: “I was pooing with every contraction and the midwives were very subtly swiping it away. “Unfortunately, my a*** was facing Luke most of the time so he also had the pleasure of watching a log fall out every minute or so.”

Then, when she actually gave birth, Issy experienced an “explosion of poo”. She recalled: “I tore and exploded poo, womb stuff and blood all over the doctor, walls, and floor. “(My baby) was covered in my poo, his poo, blood, and God know what else. My first words were: ‘I love you, but you’re disgusting’.”

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