Meet The 8-Year-Old Twins ‘Megan And Morgan’ Whose Unique Looks Were Taking The Modeling World By Storm:VIDEO

On June 6, 2011, two future stars were born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Megan and Morgan Boyd caught the world’s attention at the tender age of 4 when their mom started posting pictures of their unique look on social media; today, the girls are 8 years old and fast becoming famous. From precocious little girls to bonafide internet sensations, the Boyd twins have taken to the attention they get like ducks to water.

But what is so click-worthy about their features, the thing that sets them apart from other adorable girls their same age? True, Megan and Morgan are undeniably cute, but a rare physical trait has garnered fans from far and wide; while the twins have beautiful, dark skin due to their African-American heritage, they also have unusually piercing light-blue eyes.

The twins’ fame is setting a very important precedent: the difference is beautiful! The two young ladies have allegedly been striking poses since they were in diapers. Family members shared that the girls always showed signs of wanting to be models; Morgan’s favorite gag was to “walk down imaginary runways,” while Megan loved to get her hair done. “It’s just in them,” the girls’ aunt Ebony shared with Monagiza. “They were born for this.”

The girls’ adorable faces, exaggerated postures, and feisty attitudes go a long way to explaining their burgeoning appeal, but their bright-blue eyes undoubtedly steal the show. Megan has two blue eyes, and Morgan has one blue eye and one deep brown, a rare and stunning combination. The condition is known as heterochromia iridium and it is not dangerous, nor does it affect how well the girls can see. It simply gives the iris a different color, in whole or in part.

“I wanted them to get out there,” the girls’ mom, Stephanie Boyd, explained, “because of what they look like.” Stephanie’s husband, Lovell, said that his enthusiastic wife has been posting photos of their girls on Facebook and Instagram “since they were born.” Fascinatingly, Stephanie’s own stunning eye color matches her daughters; they all share the same striking blue, so it looks like these little apples didn’t fall too far from the tree!

Several celebrities also have heterochromia iridium, such as the Hollywood actresses Kate Bosworth and Alice Eve. Perhaps the Philly twins will follow in their footsteps and branch into acting later in their careers? Until then, Stephanie continues to pursue modeling gigs for her ambitious daughters, and they’ve already had a lot of success. Megan and Morgan have even met with America’s Next Top Model star Bianca Golden, who now champions their careers.

Today, the girls model for fashion brand Neon Kisses. The brand designs fashion-forward, colorful pieces for both women and children. The Boyd twins even advertise their own skyrocketing clothing line on their website, True Blue Twins. Clad in awesome, bold, kid-friendly designs, the girls are fast becoming role models for their peers and are proving that visible differences can be empowering; they shouldn’t ever hold you back. We don’t know what the future has in store for these blue-eyed beauties, but we have no doubt in our minds that huge successes are on the horizon.