This Gorgeous Instagram Model Cla-ims She Was Offered $1M To Act As Megan Fox

A model who has covered herself in tattoos to avoid comparisons to Megan Fox cla!ms she was offered $1 million (£768,000) to play the star in an adult movie.

Aurore Pariente, who lives in France, has ink across 70 percent of her body after getting s!ck of being told she res-embled the Hollywood star.

But it seems that it hasn’t done the trick, as Aurore has now revealed she was offered a million-dollar part in an adult movie just this week.

She said: “I’m d!sappointed, because I got the tattoos wanting to separate my image from hers, but people still compare me to Megan Fox.

“Yesterday, I received a $1 million proposal to play the actress in an adult film, but I obviously refused. People should review their fantasies better.”

Aurore, who has more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram and has gone to great lengths to make herself ‘unique’.Speaking last month, she said:

“At the beginning of my career, I was always told that I looked a lot like Megan Fox, but I didn’t like that. “So, I started tattooing myself to feel unique.

“I can’t say the number of tattoos I have because they are all connected, each piece of drawing connects to another.”I did think about removing a tattoo in the beginning, but now I feel freer with them, I’m used to it.”

Aurore has colorful ink all over her legs, arms, and torso, and says she doesn’t actually know how many tattoos she’s got as she sees them all as one big piece of art.

She has spent a whopping $300,000 (£230,548) on her tattoos, which she got over a two-year period. Although she’s pretty well-known for her tattoos, Aurore says she doesn’t think she’ll be getting any more.

In a blog on her website, she explained: “For instance, when I have fin!shed all my projects, I will have enough. I don’t want to hide all my body. I think some parts need to stay empty.”The only parts I don’t have a tattoo on my body are on my neck, bu*t, and bre*sts.

“I want to make my body beautiful, not hide it completely.”

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