Girl Sends Parents Holiday Selfie But Forgets To Crop Out Durex Bottle

Unwritten rules of modern holidaying dictate you must take plenty of selfies to keep your family and friends green with envy. But, of course, it’s always best to check your surroundings before you begin selecting your most flattering Instagram filter. Romantic getaways in the sun involve plenty of fun by the pool or the beach, but, as anyone who has ever embarked on a coupled-up holiday will know, there are plenty of, erm, memorable times to be had even before leaving the hotel room.


With hotel room selfies, there is far more to shove out of the picture than just soggy piles of beach towels and Sangria drenched kaftans, as one young couple discovered. 22-year-old hospital worker Kelsey had been enjoying a sunny break in Turkey with her boyfriend Elliot when the couple decided to take a nice mirror selfie to send to family members back home. The young lovebirds looked suitably stylish and tanned in their selfie but had blissfully forgotten about the brightly colored bottle of ‘Saucy Strawberry’ Durex lube on the dressing table.

Unfortunately for Kelsey and Elliot, Kelsey’s dad appears to possess the eyes of a particularly suspicious hawk and quickly spotted the cheeky bottle. Kelsey’s mum replied to the pic with a series of crying laughing faces, alongside one of the most mortifying sentences in recorded WhatsApp history: Dad said the pics r lovely, nice Durex bottle. Kelsey lamely tried to explain the liquid away as being ‘Elliot’s knee cream’, but her mum was not having any of it, replying with the following ominous words: Kelsey shared the excruciating exchange on Twitter, with the caption: Sorry, dad. Will not be sending more holiday pics in a hurry.

People found the gaff relatably hilarious, and the tweet quickly went viral. One person chuckled, ‘Why is this something I would do?’ while another guffawed, ‘I am crying’. Kelsey told UNILAD how her boyfriend was left ‘mortified’ by the mishap: We were on holiday just us two in Turkey. We were obviously embarrassed but I thought it was funny. Elliot was mortified and couldn’t believe I didn’t notice it!

My family keeps winding me up about it but luckily they can see the funny side of things. Speaking about the unexpected explosion of the post, Kelsey continued: We are all really shocked at the reaction to my post. I literally just put it on for a laugh because of how embarrassed my boyfriend was and it just went out of hand from there really haha. Hopefully, things will all smooth over soon.

Content Credit: unilad