Dr. Heavenly Helped A Teenage Girl Whose Teeth Were Kno-cked Out While Protesting For BLM

A teen protester in Chicago, leading a dem*nstration against a Christopher Columbus statue, was pu*ched in the face by a police officer and it resulted in missing teeth. Dr. Heavenly Kimes has now offered her dentistry skills with a complimentary makeover.

“I’m soo sorry this happened to you! Glad I could help,” the famed dentist wrote on Instagram, sharing a before-and-after photo of the teenager, Miracle Boyd. TheGrio reported that Boyd, a member of GoodKids MadCity, was struck in the face by an officer after speaking to the crowd in Chicago’s Grant Park last week.

The youth group shared on social media an image, showing her bloody face and broken teeth.Before correcting the broken tooth and gap space, Dr. Heavenly allowed the teen activist to share her story with the hundreds of thousands of people who follow her public platform.

“I was at a protest in Chicago at the Columbus statue, and I was pu*ched in the face by a police officer because I was recording a male being arrested and I was trying to give him legal help because when people tend to get arrested at protests, they have a tendency to not tell you who was arrested, and where they are,” Boyd said from the dentist chair.

The dentist and reality star shared how watching the video of Boyd being pu*ched “hurt her heart”.“It’s my obligation to give back, don’t thank me, thank her,” she remarked in the live broadcast.

Since the protests, two Christopher Columbus statues were taken down in the Windy City, including the monument in Grant Park. theGrio reported professional crews used a large crane to remove the statue as onlookers clapped and cheered. The second statue was removed Arrigo Park in Chicago’s Little Italy.

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