Best Friends Celebrate 23-Year Friendiversary With Beer And Chicken Wing Photoshoot

Best friends who eat wings and drink beer together, stay together.

These Two friends from South Carolina let loose in a fun photoshoot to celebrate their longtime friendship.

According to Inside Edition, Samantha Clark and Christina Arthur are best friends who love to be silly and have a good time. When they reached the 23rd anniversary of their friendship, they decided to celebrate the milestone and capture their fun-loving moments in a photoshoot with Easy Breezy Photography.

“I thought it would be perfect for us because anytime we get together, we just laugh and act goofy and just straight up always have a good time with each other,” Clark told Inside Edition.

The two have been friends since becoming neighbors at age 7, and they later bonded over a love of softball. They went on to experience important coming-of-age moments together in their teenage years and young adulthood.

“Growing up as next-door neighbors our whole childhood years, we had a perfect friendship,” the two said in a Facebook post published on Love What Matters. “From riding our bikes through the neighborhood to staying up all night during our many sleepovers in our homemade tents, and all the way down to us learning to drive and both having babies, we’ve been with each other through it all!”

“We’ve seen each other at our highest and we’ve seen each other at our lowest. Through thick and thin, we have been able to count on each other. Even if we went weeks without talking or seeing each other, we always picked up right where we left off,” they added.

Breanna Welch of Easy Breezy Photography told Inside Edition that she wanted to do the shoot because she liked the idea of celebrating a friendship instead of the typical couple and family photo sessions she works on. Plus, it might encourage other friends to do the same.

To capture their personalities for the shoot, Clark and Arthur brought chicken wings from their favorite bar and attempted to “shotgun” beers for the first time.

“You can tell the two were literally made for each other,” Welch told Inside Edition. “You can tell in their chemistry they’re going to be best friends forever.”

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