Actor Omari Hardwick Claps Back At Fans For Calling His Wife “Ugly” – VIDEO

We all have our own family life and we all love our family privacy and hat-e to bring into the public any of our family secrets or problems. We would like to solve within the privacy of our family any problem or catastrophe that our family or any of our family members is facing or is being anticipated to face.

We never discuss in the public about our family problems and would never like any stranger to interfering with our family problems.

I would never want any of my family members to be insulted or be treated rudely by anyone in this world with or without a valid reason.

Good or bad my family and the family members are mines and they are no one else’s concern. It’s my family, you love it or leave it, it’s your headache, not mine. I am very possessive about my family and its members and do not like anyone to interfere in their affairs and I do not think that anyone else in this world would not do the same for his family. What I hat-e the most is to call names to anyone else’s family members and pass lewd comments about them.

And when I hat-e this, I expect others also to reciprocate in a similar manner.

I hat-e people calling names or just commenting on my family members just for the fun of it. As I said I am more than possessive about my family and its members. I have a beautiful wife, but some people do not agree with me. I don’t give a damn what they think about my wife, but for me, she is the most beautiful and the most lovable woman in this huge world. And I don’t give a damn what other people think about her or what they call her. But keep one thing in your mind, I will not allow any dammed person to call her ug*y.

He then relayed the correct way to approach him in front of his wife/family:

“Just acknowledge our families. This woman to my right has saved my life,” he said about his wife. “You don’t really know the story. I was broke as [expletive]. She saved my [expletive] life. Chill the [expletive] out. Just relax and then acknowledge her enough. It could be half of a look. [Say] hi. That’s all we need. Cool, you acknowledge that she’s a breathing entity. Motherf[expletive]ers is crazy.”