Shocking Footage Shows Gunmen Targeted 19-Month-Old Baby And Injuring His Twin Brother

Home surveillance footage has been released showing three individuals who cops say riddled an Ohio home with bu*lets, k!lling a one-year-old boy and injuring his twin brother while they slept.

The Canton Police Department in Ohio said the sh*oting happened around 2:30am on Wednesday in a residence at 1600 block of Claredon SW. Ace and Arcel Lucas, both 19-months-old, were fast asleep inside the home when multiple g-n sh*ts rang out in the night.

Several bu*lets sh*t through the residence and struck both young children. Fire authorities rushed the twin brothers to a local hospital, where baby Ace d!ed from the gnsh*t wound and Arcel survived with non-life threatening injuries. Surveillance footage taken outside the home showed the unidentified suspects who, as of Friday night, are still at large.

Two individuals are seen stalking around the perimeter of the home and both men are carrying a what appears to be a handg-n. The suspects cross back and forth across the yard a few times before walking around to the side of the home.Then, the men walk past a large patio covered in baby toys and a mini basketball for children.

Just as the first suspect walks out of the camera’s view, a number of gn sh*ts can be heard. The motive for the sh*oting, as well as the exact relationship between the suspects and victims, are unclear. It was the third act of g-n v!olence in Canton that occurred within a six-hour span on Wednesday that resulted in two additional murders.

Neighbors told 19 news that the children were reportedly at the Canton home that night to visit their father.They said it sounded like a machine g-n going off that night because the gnsh*ts happened in quick succession.A press release from Canton Police Department revealed that the FBI is offering a $5,000 reward to anyone who has information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the suspects.

That money is in addition to the $500 being offered by the Stark County Crime Stoppers unit. Canton Police Chief Jack Angelo said that ‘numerous, numerous sh*ts were fired into the house.”I don’t even have a count exactly on how many of them were fired, but, you know, the house was riddled with bu*let holes after the fact,’ he told Fox 8.

‘You sh*ot into a house not knowing who is in there or anything else and you end up k!lling one and almost k!lling a second child,’ said Angelo.’It’s just these people don’t have a conscience.’ Rep. Thomas West of Ohio’s 49th District shared a photo of the twin babies on his Facebook page in a message that denounced g-n v!olence.

‘I was deeply saddened to learn that g-n v!olence has once again struck our babies.’ wrote West. ‘This unthinkable act cause an enormous pain and loss to the family and to our community. I pray that no other family has to experience the loss of a child or love one to g-n v!olence.

‘To the family and friends, of Ace, I know that no words can comfort you or bring back your son Ace. Although your son was only here on this earth for a short time, I know he left lasting memories and impressions on all those who his life touched.’A woman close to the family shared a series of photos and tributes to Ace on Facebook.

‘His brothers keeper[for real]. He always had his Lil bro’s back now he’s [going to] always watch over him from above,’ write Amber Pryor. On Thursday, she wrote: ‘I ain’t never felt a pain like this before but I’m trying to stay strong y’all. It’s a lot of families hurting behind this so please everyone stay strong for us and keep Ace’s spirit alive.’

In another post, she noted that Arcel will now have to grow up without his twin brother.’Please if you know something say something,’ she wrote, ‘Ace did not deserve this now his twin brother has to grow up without him.’

At the moment, the family has stressed on Facebook that there are no official GoFundMe pages for Ace and any that are out there are trying to capitalize off the de*th of a child. The Canton Police Department ask that anyone with information call 330-649-5800 or 330-489-3144.

People can also text 847411 by putting “CANTON” and your tip in the message.Ace’s de*th was one of three that happened Wednesday in a dangerous series of events. On Tuesday, 31-year-old Ronald Pleasant and 21-yea-old Khalil Hall were both sh*t. Pleasant d!ed of his injuries, while Hall was taken to a local hospital to treat non-life threatening wounds.

Later that same day, 20-year-olds Brandon Bush and Marzette Adkins were sh*t before 11pm. Bush later d!ed in the hospital.’The first two homicides, witnesses were uncooperative,’ Agelo told the Canton Repository newspaper.

‘We are back out trying to talk to them again. At a time when something like that happens, emotions are pretty high.’ The d*ath of Ace comes amid a surge of g-n v!olence across the nation as law enforcement struggles to regain the public’s trust.

Fourth of July weekend saw 63 Americans, including children, become victims of g-n v!olence.Just this week, a drive-by sh*oting at a Chicago funeral home wounded 14 people and prompted President Trump to send federal agents to quell v!olence. Police said at least 60 bu*lets were fired in the sh*otout Tuesday evening, when g-nmen in a car opened fire on the funeral party, who then returned fire on the vehicle.CCTV footage believed to be from the latest incident shows the horrifying moment mourners were sh*t at while standing outside the funeral home.A dark car is seen pulling up by the pavement where attendees of the funeral are gathered.Gnsh*ts can then be heard and the people run for cover from the bu*lets. The car pulls forward and more sh*ts can be heard amid the screams, before it reverses out of view.

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