Trump Seen Grabbing A Woman, Patting Her But-t In Resurfaced Video With Jeffrey Epstein

Video footage of Donald Trump grabbing a woman by the rear end has surfaced. Should we be surprised? This is the man who said, “You can do anything. Grab em’ by the pus*y. You can do anything.” How many women have accused him of sex-ual assault? AT LEAST 17. The video, which was taken in 1992, was unearthed by NBC News and shows Trump partying at Mar-a-Lago with a se-x offender and accused se-x trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

In the video, Trump is seen approximating dancing with a bevy of women in an excruciatingly tacky ballroom. Music plays, champagne flows, and Trump objectifies women with Epstein. “She’s hot,” Trump mouths to Epstein. Then Trump whispers an additional something (I don’t want to know), and the two men double over laughing. You might be thinking, “Oh, gross, but it was also the 80s!” Wait! There’s more.

On Twitter, Time editor at large Anand Giridharadas pointed out how at the 1:30 mark in the video, Trump can be seen grabbing a woman from behind and then patting her on the but-t. He literally just yanks her back into his crotch and cops a feel. “Buried in @NBCNews’s video of Trump and Epstein is this moment where Trump clearly grabs a woman and pats her behind.

Real gentleman,” Giridharadas writes. The woman’s identity is currently unknown. The video was part of a segment on “Morning Joe” examining Trump’s relationship with Epstein, who is currently facing a host of child se-x trafficking charges. Trump has distanced himself from Epstein but referred to him as a “terrific guy” in a 2002 New York magazine article. Though the video doesn’t really tell us anything new about the relationship between Trump and Epstein, it does provide a glimpse into the seedy world both men enjoyed inhabiting.

On social media, users shared their disgust—and also noted how cozy Trump and Epstein seemed together. One user helpfully noted how appearances like these were common for cheerleaders, who were grossly underpaid for their work and basically exploited. Can’t wait for Trump’s enablers to get busy with some insultingly obvious gaslighting.

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