Model Demi Rose Shows Off Her Figure From All Angles, Fans Lost Their Mind After See Her Pics

Wolverhampton-born beauty Demi Rose Mawby looked sens*tional in her latest str!ng of Instagram clips.

The 25-year-old vol*ptuous model and Instagram influencer looked incredible as she posed up a st*rm onboard a yacht following je-tting off to Ibiza after lockdown restr!ctions eased.

Demi channeled her inner Pamela Anderson for the Instagram posing session, as she worked her angles in a sk!mpy red one-piece swimsuit. The cl!ngy co*sie featured a plu*ging ne-ckline, which showed off her a*ple a*sets, it also featured th*ng bo*toms, which showed off her Kim Kardashian-E*que bo*ty.

Demi’s luxury va*ay was certainly a much-needed one after she recently lam-ented being st*ck in lockdown.Demi, who spent the lockdown period in London with her pet po-och, recently ve-nted:

“All I have with me is cr-ochet stuff and b!kinis. I’m s!ck of wearing all the other stuff that I bought that is lou*gey.What is your bet that this will be over in June, July, August… What do you think, like never?”

Corona really f**ed us up, really majorly f**ked us up. I hope you’re all staying safe and me… I am meditating, I’m trying to read a lot of books. I and Teddy are really bored. I really want corona to f**k off, honestly.”

But as much as she was disappointed to have her travel plans sc*ppered due to the Covid-19 lockdown, she did enjoy having a bit of me time and a period of self-reflection.Demi said: “I find this time is really healing. I’ve never had the chance to sit here, not be able to move. I kind of swe-ep it under the carpet and get on with it.

I’ve had time to think about things I haven’t really got over, I’ve never really gr!eved.”I’m trying to think about the positives at this time. If you’re feeling a lot, you’re tra-pped in your home, tr-apped with your thoughts, try and think about it like you need to feel this way, get over it to be better.”

Demi has had to deal with cons*cutive losses over the past couple of years. She lost her dad, who passed away aged 80 in 2018, and her mum Christine seven months later.

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