Little Boy Finds The Idea Of His Mom Being Pregnant Simply “Exasperating” In Adorable Video

Most children cannot hide their excitement when they hear that they are going to have a new little brother or sister. But not this boy, whose first reaction to his mother’s big news is to ask: ‘What were you thinking?’ The American toddler, called Trey by his mom, then spends the next minute-and-a-half explaining why his mother is wrong to ‘replace’ him with another baby. Sitting on a booster seat in the back of the car, Trey says he is ‘exasperated’ by his mother’s decision.

When his mom gives him the news, he puts his head in his hands and says: ‘What were you thinking? Why you have to go and get another baby? You just had two. ‘This is exasperating because you just got two. ‘So why do you wanna get another baby and just replace one of your babies? It’s too much.’ Trey’s mother tries to explain that she would never replace him or his sister, Amaya, who is sat next to him quietly observing the argument.

She says: ‘You’re just gonna have another brother or sister that you have to help take care of.’ But her son replies adorably, holding his hands up and saying: ‘But that doesn’t make any sense. ‘Because if it made sense then you’d just have two babies and you keep loving them forever and not having another baby between us.’ After asking his mother whether the baby will be a boy or a girl, disgruntled Trey tells her that a boy crying will be ‘even worse’ than his sister’s.

He explains that he heard a baby boy crying at school, holding his hands to his ears as he recounts the clearly painful memory. Tiring of the conversation, his pregnant mother says: ‘Well Trey, I don’t know what to tell you about the crying, you just gotta get used to it, OK?’ He cheekily replies: ‘OK, and buy me some earplugs too.’ The video, uploaded yesterday, already has more than 38,000 views.

This Article Originally Published at dailymail

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