“They Want To Dictate Your Race” Cardi Gives A World History Lesson For Critics Of Her Blackness

Americans are by in large very ignorant when it comes to the experiences of people unlike ourselves. Not only do we not know much about other people, but the school systems also don’t teach us and then we don’t do the work to learn on our own. Thankfully, Cardi is here with a world history lesson as it pertains to race, nationality, and colonization.

See what she had to say below.

“I understand that in a lot of places in America, they’re not familiar with people’s culture or places where people speak Spanish. A lot of people are dumb so they don’t really know the difference between nationality, race, ethnicity. And that’s not anybody’s fault. It’s actually the school’s fault because schools don’t be teaching this sh*t to people. This week somebody in California they were talking about Mexico.

And somebody said, ‘You should be up there, you Mexican.’ And I was like, ‘I’m not Mexican bro. I’m not Mexican at all. First of all, I’m West Indian and I’m Dominican. I speak Spanish because I’m Dominican.’ He said, ‘So, what’s the difference between Dominican and Mexican. It’s like everything, everything.’’; It’s like ‘Oh, Cardi’s Latin, she’s not Black.’ And it’s like Bro, my features don’t come from f*cking White people f*cking. They always want to race bait when it comes to me. That’s why I have Afro features. And it’s like, ‘Oh but your parents are light-skinned.’ But my grandparents aren’t. People from the Caribbean Islands, it’s a mixture.

It’s the first place where the slaves were taken to, especially the Dominican Republic, it was one of the first places and people don’t be knowing that sh*t. And then they just are so confused and then they want to dictate your race. And it’s like bro picks up a passport, pick up a book so you can f*ckin know and know the oppression that these countries went through and the people from these countries went through. It wasn’t only America that went through some sh*t. These countries went through some sh*t as well.

Some island women, some artists that are from the same islands as me, people will be like, ‘Oh they Black.’ But because Cardi speaks Spanish, to people, she’s not Black. Even though we have similar features, the same skin complexion. But no, they want to not put Cardi in it because I speak Spanish. They want to act like when Cardi used to go to the muthaf*ckin stores, these White b*tches wasn’t behind like, ‘Can I help you? Can I help you? Can I help you?’ Like Cardi didn’t come from a hood where people get oppressed and continually get treated like shit. Everybody gets oppressed, where I’m from, by the same people.

People don’t be knowing because America doesn’t teach people about different races, different nationalities. In America, they do teach about different countries but they teach about White race countries. And there’s nothing wrong with White folks but they don’t really teach you like who’s your brothers, who’re your sisters. They don’t teach you which countries were your brothers and sisters taken to, where slaves were taken.

My dad had to teach me the history of the Dominican Republic because the schools didn’t teach me. And he taught us why certain islands people talk differently. So many of our different islands were invaded by these European countries. Haiti was invaded by the French. Aruba was invaded by the Dutch. And that’s why everybody speaks different languages. And it’s the same with Africa as well.America, these schools don’t teach you that. I’ll tell you it though.”You can watch this world history lesson as Cardi explains and defends herself in the video below.

Content Credit: madamenoire