Terry Crews ‘Auditions’ For The King Triton Role In Brilliant

As you’re probably aware, just about every Disney film is in the process of being transformed into a live-action remake. You may also be aware that The Little Mermaid is one such film and you may also recall that King Triton, Ariel’s dad, was a pretty damn hench cartoon merman. As such, it only makes sense that the beastly Terry Crews gets the part; Crews himself certainly seems to think so anyway.

The 50-year-old actor shared an ‘audition tape’ on Instagram, in which he laid out his credentials through the medium of song and with the assistance of a few very low budget ‘special effects’.In the video, Crews performs ‘Under the Sea’… but with some personalized lyrical alterations. He sings: “Under the sea! Under the sea! My pecs are better, my Triton is bigger, take it from me! Need a refresher? watch @AGT!”

(AGT is America’s Got Talent by the way, which he hosts).

Terry’s daughter, Azriél, didn’t seem best impressed though, commenting on the video by simply saying ‘Dad’, along with a facepalm emoji and a crying laughing emoji. If you, however, quite liked the audition, but wondered where the hell it came from, you should know this is actually part of a sustained campaign from the actor to land himself the part.

He has previously shared a photo-shopped picture of himself against the backdrop of King Triton’s majestic ocean palace, captioning the mock-up: “Ariel’s Dad!!!! HEAR ME OUT!!” Clearly, his fans at least have been hearing him out, with one even going to the effort of creating a petition to get Disney to give him the role.

The petition – which was started by Gabriel McArthur on Change.org – reads: “I don’t know why grown adults care so much about the casting of mermaids. Mermaids are imaginary creatures. I also don’t know why Disney can’t come up with an original idea these days.

“BUT it’s nice to see new representations in familiar stories. Terry Crews is a great actor and I honestly can’t picture anyone else playing King Triton in the live action Little Mermaid. I’m betting you agree. So sign it! You know you wanna.” I certainly wouldn’t want to be the one at Disney who has to turn him down anyway.

Content Credit: ladbible