Stormzy Becomes The First Black British Solo Artist To Headline Glastonbury

Stormzy headlined the main stage at Glastonbury Festival last night, becoming the first black British solo artist to do so. That’s news enough, but anyone who knows Stormzy will know that he didn’t fancy missing an opportunity to make a few pointed political points during his raucous set. He had barbs for Conservative Party leadership frontrunner and – more than likely – future Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the UK Government, and – slightly more out of leftfield – football manager David Moyes. On top of that, the 25-year-old musician also took to the stage wearing a Union Jack printed stab jacket and displayed a load of statistics relating to the crime during his song ‘First Things First’.

There’s more. During ‘Don’t Cry For Me’ he brought out two ballet dancers to highlight the way that race and inequality feature in every part of life. A screen behind the two performers read: “Ballet shoes have not traditionally been made to match black skin tones. Until now.”Previously ballet dancers ‘pancaked’ their shoes with makeup. Now there are ballet shoes to match all skin tones. A huge leap forward for inclusion in the ballet world.”

His performance was a historic step for black British artists, and will hopefully pave the way for more to come later on. At 25 years old, he’s also the second youngest solo act to ever headline the main stage, after a 24-year-old David Bowie took the limelight in 1971. Wonder whatever happened to him, eh? Hours before taking to the stage for the biggest performance of his young career, Stormzy tweeted: “I am the first black British artist to headline Glastonbury.”

“At 25 years old I am the second youngest solo act to ever headline Glastonbury, the youngest being a 24-year-old David Bowie in 1971. I’m overwhelmed with emotions, this is the most surreal feeling I’ve ever experienced.”I feel my entire life has led to this moment. Can’t explain or fathom what this all is but I am 100% sure this is all God and his favor.

Giving him all the glory.”Thank you to Emily & Mike Eavis for believing in me I can’t wait to see you and hug you both. Thank you so much.”The crowd was not disappointed, the set had pyrotechnics, fireworks, and all sorts. Not to mention a decent amount of bangers of the musical kind, too.All in all, a night that Stormzy declared ‘the greatest night of my life’ didn’t fall short.

Content Credit: ladbible