Russell Westbrook Gives Back To His Hometown With 8th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner – VIDEO

Houston Rockets guard Russell Westbrook’s WhyNot Foundation has given back to the community on numerous occasions. The latest efforts were Thursday night in Los Angeles in advance of the Thanksgiving holiday.
Houston Rockets‘ point guard Russell Westbrook has already won the MVP for his abilities on the court, but he’s also displaying MVP qualities off the court as well. Westbrook has made it a focus of his to make a difference in the community, which says a lot about his character. Westbrook started his WhyNot Foundation during his days with the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2012, which was prior to the start of his fifth season in the NBA. Westbrook has done countless good deeds such as purchasing a car for a struggling single mother and even recently starting the Westbrook Brownstein Green Tech program.

Westbrook also was named the MVP of the 2016 All-Star game, which won him a 2017 Kia Sorento SXL. The Brodie decided he would put better use to the vehicle, opting to donate it to a family of four, who needed it much more. His foundation also decided to fund the insurance and registration of the vehicle the following year, which gave the family one less thing to worry about.

Westbrook and his foundation’s generosity were on display again on Thursday night in Westbrook’s hometown of Los Angeles, as he hosted his eighth annual Thanksgiving dinner.

The Los Angeles native was back in his hometown in advance of the Houston Rockets’ Friday night matchup against the LA Clippers, which will be Westbrook’s first time facing off against his former teammate Paul George since the two of them left the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Westbrook and his WhyNot Foundation provided meals to families in need on Thursday night in advance of Thanksgiving. The Brodie was also joined by Rockets superstar James Harden, which speaks to their friendship. It’s never a surprise to see Westbrook giving back to the community, but should never be taken for granted.

With someone like Russ, his time and energy are invaluable, so the fact that he’s continued to dedicate himself to making Thanksgiving a memorable holiday for those in need over the course of eight consecutive years is commendable.

Content Credit: spacecityscoop