Ray J Denies Stranding Wife Princess Love And Daughter In Las Vegas – VIDEO

Ray J says he didn’t leave his wife Princess Love and their one-year-old daughter Melody Love stranded in Las Vegas. The 38-year-old musical artist took to social media on Instagram Thursday with a multilayered message for Princess, his fans and the media. ‘This is for all the media outlets out there that are putting out these stories about me,’ he said, ‘let me explain something to y’all because I don’t think y’all understand who I really am.’ Ray J said he’d never left the MGM Grand Hotel’s Skylofts during the entire week following his professional commitments at the BET Soul Train Awards last weekend.

‘I just don’t understand how somebody could get stranded if we never left – we’ve been right here,’ he said, adding that he hopes he and his spouse can come to an accord on the family disagreement.’I am my family – I love my family,’ he said. ‘I’ve dedicated my life to my family. To insinuate that I would do anything to ha-rm my daughter is just sad, man.’ He said he hoped he and Princess can move forward without airing dirty laundry on social media.

‘People are going to get into arguments here and there that are small stuff that you can work out,’ he said. ‘To take this to social media and create this crazy story about me leaving my baby in har-m’s way is not cool.’Our circle needs to be tight like that nobody should be able to get in it.’He asked Princess for more compromise in working their way through complicated marital issues.’If we get into something big or small, we should be able to hug each other and love each other and listen to each other and understand what we need to do to make it right,’ he said. ‘How can I make adjustments, how can I compromise to make you happy – it goes both ways in a relationship – this is not it.’

After saying he was sorry for ‘everything that’s happened,’ Ray J reminded Princess that the family should be closer than ever with another child on the way.’We supposed to be at the tightest and at the strongest,’ he said. We having another baby coming in and these are not the things we supposed to do.’Ray J vowed to do whatever he had to in an effort to keep his family intact.’The devil is working, but he’s not working hard enough,’ he said, ‘and he will never work hard enough because my family is something that I will always d!e for, and the devil ain’t ready to do that with me.’

In the caption of the video post, Ray J made clear he was suffering amid the troubled time with his family.’My heart has been heavy for the last past week,’ he wrote. ‘I miss my baby Melody so much it hu-rts! I’m so sorry the world has to watch a young relationship like ours fall down.’In order to be solid in a relationship you have to keep people out of it and let God work it out. But this hasn’t been the case.’He added: ‘I will continue being the best man and father I can be no matter what’s going on the other side. Without respect there is nothing. Love took a L this time.

Princess took to her own Instagram Stories after her husband’s post, writing, ‘Practice what you preach.’She also questioned the consistency of his message, asking, ‘If we’ve “so called” been there the whole time, why would you miss your baby?’The family imbroglio went public Tuesday when the Oakland-born beauty, 35 – who is eight months pregnant – left a revealing remark on Ray J’s Instagram page after he posted a family shot from the BET Soul Train Awards.The 38-year-old musical artist posted the shot with Princess and their daughter Melody Love, one, with the caption: ‘Thank you at bet. #SoulTrainAwards at princesslove at melodylovenorwood.’

Princess left a comment that read, ‘Left me and Melody stranded in Vegas and blocked me from calling.. now you wanna post family photos #ByeU-gly.’On her Instagram Stories, Princess went into detail about how she felt abandoned by her husband of three years, whose full name is William Ray Norwood Jr.’Yes I can fly home..I have my own money,’ she wrote. ‘But my car is here and I don’t want to drive back alone with my daughter because I’m over 8 months pregnant and I don’t even want to have to stop for gas or go into labor with all of this human trafficking going on…’The singer subsequently removed the post from his page, and has not yet spoken publicly on the topic.

The couple last month revealed they were expecting a baby boy, with the twist that a helicopter he was riding on emitted blue smoke.’Whoa! We’re having a boy! Hey, we’re having a boy!’ he said.The pair in August announced that the couple was expecting, with Ray J writing: ‘Baby #2 on the way! at MelodyLoveNorwood your about to be a big sister! #Godisthegreatest.’Princess wrote on her social media, ‘Somebody’s gonna be a big sis New addition arriving Jan 2020,’ adding the hashtags, #2under2 and #Blessed.

Ray J is the brother of vocalist Brandy and also known for helping launch Kim Kardashian’s reality TV fame with their 2007 s*x ta-pe Kim K Superstar. He purportedly memorialized the relationship with his 2016 single I Hit It First.He’s subsequently been seen on shows such as For the Love of Ray J, Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business and Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.Princess Love, declared on her Instagram Live on Thursday night for more than 22,000 people who watched her explain her side of why she and her husband have been feuding since they appeared together at BET’s Soul Train Awards on Sunday.

Love, 35, who is eight months pregnant with the couple’s second child, decided to address the drama that has been playing out on social media all week.’We’ll see what happens when I get back to L.A., but I don’t want to be married anymore. Period! I don’t have time for this. This is not love and I’m done. It’s a divorce party y’all,’ she concluded her Instagram Live Thursday.

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