Dog The Bounty Hunter Celebrates First Thanksgiving Since Wife Di-ed

Dog The Bounty Hunter is celebrating his first Thanksgiving since his wife d!ed from canc-er earlier this year. The television personality, real name Duane Chapman, lost his wife Beth in June following complications with her throat canc-er. Dog shared a holiday message on his Instagram page this morning. It read: “HAPPY THANKSGIVING.” He also shared a link in his stories to a post from a fan about a memorial scholarship set up in Beth’s honor. It said: “For those of you that don’t know, A Beth Chapman Memorial Scholarship non-profit was established in her honor.”This scholarship is designated for those wanting to complete their GED/HiSet test. Please share. #ThisOnesForBeth #DogsMostWantedSeason.”

Speaking to PEOPLE this week about his Thanksgiving plans, the 66-year-old said he would be doing all the cooking. He said: “I hope there is a guide on YouTube! Several family members are coming for the meal and my children are all fre-aked out because I’m cooking.”The daughters will be bringing other dishes to go with the turkey. We always realize what the day of Thanksgiving means, so we all talk about the main thing we are thankful for.”We also have an award we give out, which is called the Butthole of the Turkey award and it goes to the most difficult child of that previous year.”Duane has had health !ssues of his own recently and was hospitalized in September after su-ffering from heart problems.

And though he said he was ‘feeling much better, health-wise’, he admitted he is still struggling to cope with the loss of his wife, who was 51 years old when she passed away. He said: “I will never, ever be the same emotionally, because there’s a huge piece of my heart that isn’t there anymore. But I have to remain Dad and the Dog.”The dog was d!agno-sed in September with a pulmonary emb-olism during an episode of the US talk program The Dr. Oz Show. It’s a life-threa*ening condition in which an artery (or multiple arte-ries) in the lung is blocked by blo-od. And though he was worried about going to see doctors, he eventually agreed to get treatment.

Looking back at that period, Dog said though there was a time when he didn’t care about dy!ng, he wanted to stay alive. He said: “I hesi-tated for a minute thinking, ‘I don’t want to have to go through this again. I don’t want to die right now.’ I’m not afraid to die anymore, but I really didn’t care for awhile if something would happen. I do care now.”