YouTube Employee Calls Police On Black Man For Waiting Outside Of Building For A Friend Video

The misuse of the emergency call system continued over the holiday weekend when a YouTube employee called the police on a black man he believed was trespassing. Wesly Michel, a software engineer for, filmed and posted the incident on Facebook on Thursday (July 4). Michel was reportedly waiting for his disabled friend near her building when Christopher Cukor called the police. Cukor claimed Michel tried to walk into the building, refused to share information about who he was and who he was visiting. As Cukor son begs him to leave Michel alone, he continues to accuse Michel of trespassing.

Michel goes on to warn Cukor that he will join the list of many other white people who have called the police on black people being black people. The video is especially heartbreaking as Cukor’s son tell his father to stop. “Daddy, let’s go. I don’t like this. Please daddy, let’s go,” he said. “Daddy, don’t. It’s the better daddy. I agree with him.” But Cukor insists Michel “tailgated” him through the door which led to his trespassing accusation. A few minutes into their encounter, Michel’s friend Cathy greets him from the sidewalk as Cukor is on the phone with a dispatcher.

“I told you! Daddy, look what you’ve gotten us into. Let’s go!” his son says as they walk away from the building. The entire ordeal was more than troubling as people took to social media to defend both parties. While Michel was accused of race-baiting, some have tried to defend Cukor’s actions. The San Francisco Chronicle reported in 2013 that Cukor’s father was killed by a man with a mental illness in the driveway of his home. Cukor and his family placed blame on the Berkley Police Department for not responding to their father’s 911 call.

So this is July 4th 2019

Posted by Wesly Michel on Thursday, July 4, 2019

“I’m aware that the police have stated that they made no mistake in their response to my father’s call for help,” he said to reporters at the time. “We find this very disturbing, that a citizen’s call for emergency help can go unanswered and leads to his death.” His family went on to sure the police department. YouTube nor Cukor have made any public statements about the incident.

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