White Man Calls Cops, Stalks Black Women For Taking Pictures By The Pool Video

Poolside Peter? No-Wine Willy? He doesn’t have an official nickname yet, but a video of a white guy (quickly identified as Nick Starr-Street) following two black women while calling the cops on them for drinking wine and taking pictures at a pool has been circulating since Sunday. The white man can be heard muttering an accusation that the women physically attacked him, which they immediately deny.

The women say that the man, who has been identified as the white supremacist Nick Starr-Street, followed them for over a mile in Hyattsville, Maryland. In another tweet, the woman who posted the video says that they asked bystanders for help and told people he was stalking and harassing them, but no one stepped forward. Earlier today, she found and tweeted out a video on YouTube that was presumably posted by the man who was following them that also claimed assault, but the video has already been removed.

This is far from the first time Staar-Street has harassed black people on video. According to musician Sugg Savage, the same man harassed her and her friends in a very similar manner (and in the same outfit even) on the same weekend. Sugg Savage and her friends were playing some music and enjoying themselves by the pool when they were asked to turn their music down. They did, and everything was fine until This Guy showed up. In the first video of the thread, Nick can be seen recording as a black woman calmly asks him what they did wrong. He says that “glassware is not allowed at the pool.” The woman acknowledges this and then asks him what else they can do to make him comfortable. Rather than answering, he says he’s going to them to the leasing office and then walks off.

When the leasing office is clearly more annoyed by Nick then they are about the black women minding their own business and having a little fun, he comes back to the pool so that they can see him on the phone possibly calling the cops. As it turns out, he was indeed calling the cops, because they showed up. Sugg Savage also posted a video of part of the conversation they had with one of the officers, who refers to Nick as “the very scared man.” The black women proceed to tell them about how Nick was aggressive and yelling at the off-screen, to which the officer comments that it was a “different story than what we got.”

Big surprise. It’s also not a surprise that when a group of white apartment residents later came down to the pool and actually were loud and obnoxious, Nick said nothing to them. This Nick Starr-Street apparently has a habit of going out to provoke black people and then cry assault when they push back. There is the video of one of the black women appearing to smack the phone out of his hand as he was recording, which he more than deserved for filming a group of women at the pool without their consent and for being generally racist.

And he has the audacity to call the women he was stalking racist? Is this the same kind of person who accuses black people of making too big of a deal out of racist and often deadly police brutality? Thankfully, no one was hurt by this man, and he did experience some kind of consequence for harassing black people this time. It appears that Nick’s husband (yes, you can be gay and racist at the same time) has been suspended from his management job at Slipstream DC for his close association with a white supremacist while the company gathers information. It’s only a matter of time before people figure out where Nick works, if anywhere, and gets him fired. It’s happened before. You can’t always get away with racism these days, people.

Content Credit: dailydot