Shocking Video: Girl, 11, Ran Out Into The Road Without Looking And Was Hit By A Car

An 11-year-old girl had a miraculous escape after she ran in front of a car and was thrown into the air.

Devon and Cornwall Police released CCTV footage showing the incident as a wa*ning to parents about the importance of teaching their children road safety.

During the one-minute video, the fo*ce said 120 children are run over in their area each year. The child, who was wearing a hoodie, did not appear to look up as she ran across the road just as a Vauxhall Corsa was driving in the opposite direction.

The driver, who spotted the girl at the last moment attempted to take ev*sive ac*ion but was not quick enough. The girl bo*nced off the car bonnet and was to*sed into the air. She was carried along the road on top of the bonnet for about 20 feet.

The car steered to the left, away from the girl who landed in the middle of the road and was not dra*ged under the wheels. Luckily, a car following the first one spotted the girl and stopped.

Moments after the imp*ct, the girl stood up and g!ngerly made her way back home.’Fortunately she only susta!ned minor inj*ries and was quickly back to her usual active self.’The driver, who was understandably shaken, was found not to be at fa*lt.’A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police said: ‘Please ensure that children, stop, look and listen before crossing the road.’

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