Meet The Only African-American Woman In The U.S. Who Owns Her Own Bank

We are looking at a major wave of change when it comes to black individuals in the field of business and economics. While there are individuals who want to rebuild the Bla*k Wall Street, there are also others who are making great leaps in the telecom industry. There is hardly any denying that black-owned businesses and initiatives are giving the community a new hope. One of the things that people are also celebrating is the Bl*ck Girl Magic – the charm and the ethic that is an energy that African-American women are going ahead with.

One of them is 48-year-old Kiko Davis. She is ‘the’ major stockholder of Detroit-based First Independence Bank, one of the top 10 largest African-American-owned banks in the United States. According to African-American, her current stocks makes her the only African-American woman in the country who owns a bank. While there are other black women who have been getting national attention from time to time, Davis is one of the silent forces so far. Furthermore, she is also someone who believes in giving back to the community and the people she belongs to.

During an interview with Rolling Out, she said that what makes her unique as an African American female leader is her ability to genuinely connect with people and inspire a culture of synergy. “It’s a God-given talent that comes naturally,” she said. “People tend to lend the very best of themselves when they feel leaders are passionate about them and their environment.” And as it turns out, Davis is also a woman who believes in being inspired and being able to learn from the voices of the past.

In her interview, she said that she looks up and is greatly inspired by Shirley Chisolm – the first African-American congresswoman and the first major-party black candidate to run for president in 1972. She says her favorite quote by Chisolm is, “In the end, ant!-Bla*k, ant!-female, and all forms of discrimination are equivalent to the same thing: ant!-humanism.” Moreover, she holds her late husband – Donald Davis as another benchmark to be inspired by. After his untimely death, she created a foundation in his name to perpetuate his legacy-building efforts and initiatives that he envisioned and developed.

She’s also the founder and president of the Don Davis Legacy Foundation, established in 2016. And Davis (Kiko) is also the managing director of Groovesville Productions and Publishing LLC, which controls the Grammy Award-winning music catalog of her late husband. Davis makes sure that her philanthropic efforts are consistent and reaching out to people. According to Rolling Out, Davis is known to be a supporter of great causes and organizations such as the Ronald McDonald House, the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History and many other organizations that serve the community.

Moreover, she also served for three years on the Lawrence P. Doss Scholarship Foundation as a nonprofit board member. She told Rolling out that she considers her superpower to be her courage. ” I have the ability to take the fear and use it as a tool to conquer adversity and challenges, no matter how insurmountable they may seem. The more substantial the obstacle, the stronger I become.” The Bla*k Girl Magic is strong with this one. She also has a powerful message for the younger generations about the importance of failing and learning.

“Do not be afraid to fail. In fact, fail as much as you can. With each failure will come a valuable lesson that will be impossible for someone to teach you. With each lesson, you will gain wisdom, perseverance, and strength. You will rarely meet a successful person who has not failed many times,” she told Rolling Out.

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