6ix9ine D-iss Nipsey, Pop Smoke, And X-XXTentacoin In IG Live “Favorite Rapper ‘Left’ With Holes In His Head” – VIDEO

Tek-ashi 6ix9ine’s finally free, after his house arr-est ended recently, allowing him to finally roam free without an ankle monitor.

It didn’t take long for him to stir the pot once he was walking around the streets of New York and now, he may need all the security he’s bragging about having with him.

6ix9ine was one of the few people that seemed to get released early due to the virus outbreak. Tek-ashi had been on house arr-est pending his eventual release, which was set by the courts as August 1st, 2020.

The minute that Tek-ashi regained his freedom, he immediately took to the streets to sho-ot a music video, surrounded by his security entourage.

“I’m concerned,” Dawn Florio, one of his lawyers, previously told The New York Post. “Lots of people condemn Danny for cooperating with the government. Even a young gang member who wants to make a name for himself could try something.”

“He’s in great spirits but I won’t rest easy until he’s located in a different state with 24-hour security.” While he never seems to have gotten that relocation, he seems to be doing just fine on his own and with his security team, walking the streets of his Brooklyn neighborhood and talking live on his Instagram.

6ix9ine hasn’t seemed to slow down on his trademark trolling, despite the fact that now he’s no longer in a controlled environment where his safety can be fully monitored.

The Internet captured the “TROLLZ” rapper filming a new music video on his first full day off of house arr-est, complete with a camera crew.

While the rapper has been continuously releasing music while under lock and key, one can assume that with his release we’re sure to get a deluge of new music.

Despite the fact that his “TROLLZ” duet with Nicki Minaj premiered to big numbers initially, the decline in the numbers from week to week afterward was enough to trigger an alarm in some quarters.

Still, it seems his will to create music and stir up trouble continuously for himself has and will continue to pay off, and his latest antics that came immediately upon his release show to many that the young rapper will continue to do what he wants.

During that recent live stream, Tek-ashi 6ix9ine took to addressing why people seemed to continuously question his motives for having security around him constantly.

Given his cause of conviction, it’s widely assumed known that his safety may be in da-nger, according to previous statements by his attorneys. Still, Tek-ashi had plenty to say.

“A lot of people wanna say, why are you always around a whole bunch of security?” said 6ix9ine during his stream.“Why is your favorite rapper de-ad right now with bullet holes in his face? F— is you talking about?”

There have been a rash of rapper deaths recently, and many took 6ix9ines comments to be disparaging those deaths.Later, Tek-ashi then doubled down on his comments and specifically named the rappers that he was hinting at earlier, fully infuriating the internet with his perceived disrespect.

“What’s the problem with security?” Tek-ashi his friend DJ Akademiks over Live. “Hip hop does not like security but hip hop loves Ni-psey Hussle. Hip hop loves Pop Sm-oke. Hip hop loves X-XX. What I mean by that… if you really love your favorite rapper, love security too, n***a. Cause with security, your favorite rapper would have been here today.”

By naming the rappers that have been sl-ain — Ni-psey Hussle, Pop Smoke and XX-Xtentacion, Teka-shi seemed to prove that his trolling ways weren’t just because he was sitting at home, safe. See the clip below.

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