Disney Fans Divided As Beyoncé Sounds ‘Too Beyoncé’ In Lion King Teaser

Disney fans are scratching their head after a recent clip of The Lion King landed online, with Beyoncé and Donald Glover in the main roles. However, some are divided after being blessed with a longer taste of what Beyoncé’s Nala will look and sound like, alongside an adult Simba in Childish Gambino’s Donald. And, according to some fans, Beyoncé simply sounds so Beyoncé it’s distracting. Is this why we can’t have nice things? We’ve already had a short clip thrust upon us where we could hear Beyoncé’s Nala asking Simba to ‘come home’, and in the latest one (an apparent TV spot in Thailand) she’s speaking about how Scar ‘has taken over the pridelands’.

‘This isn’t the home I remember’, she can be heard saying in her distinctively Beyoncé voice. ‘You have to take your place as king.’ Donald is then heard as Simba saying: ‘My father once told me to protect everything the light touches. ‘If I don’t fight for it, who will? Many felt a little ‘ladies now let’s get information’ as Nala was heard calling her pride to action: ‘Are you with me lions?’

According to fans, they were all a little distracted upon hearing the telltale voices of the famous actors. ‘It’s like something is off here, maybe the lions look too real for voice-overs,’ one Twitter user @ramicoco, wrote in a now-viral post. ‘And I know Nala is Beyoncé but it sounds very Beyoncé. It’s so distracting.’ When fans were initially amped AF for her turn as Nala, now they were left uncertain. ‘Her voice is too distinct for this. It doesn’t even sound like she attempted to change the sound of her voice for the character,’ one replied. ‘I love Beyonce, I REALLY do.

But that thick a*s country voice of hers better not ruin the memory of my childhood.’ Okay, we’re sure it’s not going to ruin your childhood memories of the 1994 original… Others remained somewhat optimistic the movie would set things to rights: ‘That “are you with me lions” part was particularly bad. Maybe her VA is better in the movie we’ll see.’ Another suggested: ‘They should have done the African accents like Black Panther.’

All in all, though, the hype and excitement and buzz is real for the release of the Disney reboot, which is set to hit screens later this month. Say what you will about this clip, the woman can do no wrong, and it sounds like Bey’s appearance in the movie will have us feeling all the love, as her co-star Billy Eichner (who plays Timone in the movie) has been teasing just how good she is ahead of the film’s release.

Content Credit: metro