Crowd Shouts ‘F–k Trump!’ On Fox News After U.S. Women’s World Cup Victory Video

The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup was a blast, and fans from all over the world celebrated the United States women’s national soccer team historic fourth win. France was selected to hold the global tournament this year, and as the World Cup’s hosts with the most champagne, the French partied as hard as the USA winners. In a viral video, Fox News Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent Greg Palkot reported live from a jubilant French sports bar, and the patrons seized on the opportunity in the best way — by voicing their very strong feelings about a certain US president.

MoveOn senior video producer Sara Pearl first shared the video of Palkot’s on-air broadcast from a bar in Lyon, France, reports Rolling Stone. “History has just been made,” says Palkot, motioning to the drunken, screaming crowd behind him. “Listen to it,” he says, before realizing that the crowd is chanting “F—k Trump! F—k Trump!” The chant is indistinct at first, before coalescing into a rousing F-word on live television. And not just any news network — Trump loves Fox News more than the French love baguettes.

Accidental expletives on the news are funny enough, but it’s Palkot’s reaction that makes the video especially priceless. He tries raising his voice to speak over the crowd, but when that doesn’t work, he changes the subject by stammering that the Fox News crew had wanted to report from outside the bar. Palkot is clearly uncomfortable and trying desperately to keep his live segment from devolving into chaos. Spoiler alert, it doesn’t work.

It’s also possible that the chanting crowd may have also included Americans. Palkot mentions that American fans were moved to the bar from another location for security. One woman waves an American flag, and the man who starts the chant is wearing a Nike Team USA t-shirt. Behind Palkot, another woman sips her pint and covers her head with her hand in clear secondhand embarrassment for the beleaguered reporter.

Palkot then makes the mistake of interviewing the “F—k Trump” heroes. “Now we need to win in 2020! Get racists out of the White House!” screams one man, while the woman with the American Flag says “Yeah! USA Democrats!” Palkot quickly realizes the error of his decision. “They are very happy. It’s a political thing too, but they are very happy. It’s been a crazy time here, watching history being made,” says Palkot. Is Trump being blasted live on-air on his favorite network? History indeed.

Content Credit: dailydot