A Pregnant Black Woman Handcuffed By Police In Indiana While She Eating Ice Cream

On Monday (July 27), a Black pregnant woman was handcuffed at g-npoint after cops received an anonymous tip.

La’Tasha Tyler, who is seven months pregnant, was eating ice cream inside her vehicle because indoor dining was closed.

The Evansville Police Department was called to the G.D. Ritzy’s location after they received a call about a woman pointing a g-n at another female.

When police arrived at the scene, Tyler was instructed out of her vehicle. An officer informed the pregnant woman that she was to kneel as he handcuffed her.

“I’m seven months pregnant!” Tyler said in distress. “What am I doing wrong?”“I don’t have a g-n, you can check my car,” Tyler informed the officers, who explained to the former why she was getting apprehended.

After realizing that she was innocent, the cop issued an apology. “We know it’s embarrassing to you, and we’re sorry,” an officer said. “I want you to understand that. I truly do … but we’ve got to approach our job as we do.”

In a post to Facebook, Tyler reflected on the incident, accusing the cops of endangering her unborn child’s life.

“Apparently this lady called, told them I had a g-n and was sh-ooting at her, so they treated me like dirt and made me get on my knees in a puddle to handcuff me for NO REASON!” she wrote.

“Every time I tried to talk, they acted like they were going to sh-oot me!” Don Cheadle reveals he was held at g-npoint by police Don Cheadle:

Evansville Police Sergeant Nick Winsett described the officers’ actions as “textbook” police work. As for Tyler’s lawyer David Mour, he explained that his client was treated poorly due to her skin color.

“I get the police have to be safe, etc., but I submit to you that if this were a caucasian lady that was seven months pregnant, I doubt this would have been handled in the same manner,” Mour explained.

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