100 Deaths & More Than 3 Lakh Homes Were Da-maged In Past Night Beirut Blast – VIDEO

At least 27 people have passed away and more than 2,500 have been injured after a huge explosion at a port in Beirut, Lebanon.

Footage has been shared on social media showing the moment the bl-ast – reportedly at a fireworks warehouse – tore through the country’s capital city.

However, the ca-use of the deva-station is yet to be confirmed. There are also unconfirmed reports of a second explosion.

The country’s health minister gave an update to confirm the number of loss following the explosion.

According to the BBC, hospitals are now struggling to cope and are becoming overwhelmed with casualties.

In the clip posted on Twitter, which appears to have been taken from a rooftop nearby, a large cloud of smoke suddenly erupts into the air as a deafening noise ripples through the city.

It was posted with the caption: “A video I received on WhatsApp of the scale of explosion in #Beirut, confirming it was at the port.

“FYI – this comes at one of the worst times in Lebanon’s history, a deep economic crisis with more and more of the population unable to access food, health care. The general mood was that it can’t get worse.

“Many people barely surviving and now more have lost their livelihoods, shops and cars de-stroyed.”Lebanon’s Health Minister has told local media outlets the bl-ast ca-used ‘a very high number of injuries’, with photographers at the scene witnessing many of the injured lying on the ground.

Homes and buildings have also said to have been da-maged as far as 10km (6 miles) away from where the explosion occurred.

Photos shared online show a large plume of smoke continuing to rise into the sky over the city.The Lebanese Red Cross has confirmed that a team had been sent to the site and was working to help anyone affected.

In a tweet, the charity said: “Beirut Port Explosion: our teams are responding now. Updates to follow.”Speaking to CNN, one Beirut resident who was several kilometres away at the time the explosion happened said their windows were blown through.

Rania Masri said: “What I felt was that it was an earthquake.”The apartment shook horizontally and all of a sudden it felt like an explosion and the windows and doors bu-rst open. The glass just broke. So many homes were da-maged or destroyed.”

Sky News reporter Zein Ja’far was in downtown Beirut when the explosion happened.He said: “It tore apart the facade of the building we’re in, and once the dust settled we managed to get ourselves and others in this block outside.

“Windows, doors and glass were shattered across downtown Beirut and there were a lot of very dazed, bloody people walking around, trying to gather their bearings.”

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